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As her career progressed, Norma Shearer increasingly made films with uplifting messages or religious themes. Numerous organizations, institutions, and agencies showed their appreciation for her work with formal awards.



158 – Receiving Film-Related: George Award 

159 – Receiving Religious: Torah Award

160 – Receiving Foreign: w Wilcoxon 


Film Related Awards

161 – A 1931 commendation from the Association of Motion Picture Producers and Distributors, 



Academy Awards

 - Cinematography, Victor Milner, Cleopatra, 1934



Other Film-Related Awards

 - American Institute of Cinematography, May 21, 1937



Religious and Cultural


417 – The B’nai B’rith Award, 1957

168 – A 1917 award made to Norma Shearer by the citizens of Hollywood 

169 – The Torah Award is presented by Mrs. Jacob Pressman of the United Synagogue of America (Conservative) as Jeff Chandler and Dr. Jacob Kohn look on

170 – The Torah Award presented to Shearer in 1956

171 – The Salvation Army award presented to Shearer in 1957

172 – The Salvation Army award ceremony included: (left to right, seated) Mrs. Holland French, Shearer, Lt. Commissioner Holland French, Col. Samuel Hepburn; (standing) Mrs. Henry Wilcoxon, Lt. Col. Frank Wilmer, Yvonne De Carlo, Bob Morgan, Julia Faye, Charlton Heston, Lady Hardwicke, Henry Wilcoxon, Mrs. Heston, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke

174 – A 1957 award from the National School Board

175 – A 1958 award from the Religious Heritage of America, Inc. 

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